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Make Sense of Your Logs: A Serverless Gardening Journey

Published on April 1, 2024
~ 3 min read
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You are collecting logs from everywhere, yet you have never used them nor intend to. What if, in today's mini-guide, I show you how you can use these untouched logs to make something meaningful out of them?

The title seems fishy 🐟, and it is, in a sense. The fact is, you are constantly hearing about the cloud, on-prem, digital-something, and AI taking over the world. I think it's time to take a step back and apply some serverless concepts to something tangible, like gardening perhaps?

Let's get our hands dirty, shall we?


Every project must have a clear and concise architecture, and our serverless project is no exception.


Yep, not fishy at all, we have logs, pipelines, and even seeds...those are big IT words 🫣. And profit, for business people.

Now that we have our architecture in place and the design is ready, it's time to build!

Building Solid Foundations

Solid foundations are the backbone of your journey, whether it's a cloud landing zone or a concrete foundation. The most important thing is following best practices to improve reliability, availability, and safety.

Following best practices, you can get from this:

Starting point, pallets.

To this result:

Complete pallets structure.

Here is what you need to do:

  • Cut some of these pallets to have your structure in place
  • Smooth everything out (this won't be painless, I warn you)
  • Screw everything up like it was an Agile project
  • Paint it up, I love the natural color, but there are so many you can choose from πŸ™‚

The next phase is about containers; we need to wrap everything up to contain the soil.


To contain the soil and keep everything tightly coupled, we need:

  • Plastic cloth (I've used the one for lakes, the real ones, not data lakes)
  • Wadding, to contain humidity
  • Plastic garden net, to contain every bit of soil

Why do you need the garden net? Because, like every respected software, we must add holes... for drainage this time.


Having a drainage system in place is perfect when you are trying to design this kind of thing. To do so, you need to drill holes into:

  • Log pieces
  • Plastic cloth
  • Wadding

And on top of these holes, you can place some types of bushings to secure the holes and keep the layers together.

Adding layers to our wooden pallet planter.

When your frontend is done, it's time to develop the backend. For that, you need to add pipes into the drainage holes. It should come out something like this:

Adding pipes to our wooden pallet planter.

I've secured the pipes with glue; don't want to leak anything πŸ˜‰

Adding Soil

It's time to add the soil into our planter. Before the soil, we need to add a 2-3cm layer of clay to prevent mold and ease drainage.

Adding clay to our wooden pallet planter.

On top of that, we add the soil. I've used almost 300L of soil πŸ‘‡

Wooden Pallet Planter with soil in it


After that, you are ready to add your plants and seeds:

Wooden Pallet Planter with plants and seeds (I'll cut out the black plastic cloth. I'm waiting for my tomatoes before concluding everythingπŸ˜‰)

Lessons Learned

This process took a lot of time, as it was my first time, and I don't have much experience. Even though that, my impostor syndrome didn't come out, and I was able to complete the project. Granted, a few things could have been done better... Anyway, here are some of my mistakes and tips:

  • You are never fully stocked, your local gardening supplier will thank you
  • Use nails for wood
  • To keep the plastic cloth attached, I've found metal pins were perfect for the job


As you can see, I've built a (serverless...lol) wooden pallet planter. And today is the first of April, what did you expect from me? 🐟

Anyway, it was fun thinking about IT keywords related to this project. Hit me up with your best wooden project πŸͺ΅

p.s. If you are reading this someday other than the first of April, I highly suggest watching this video before reading through everything: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ

Happy April Fool's Day πŸŽ‰